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This site is about the smallest and the lightest aircrafts with the electric traction, with the weight less that one gram, and the wingspans about 10cm! They are unique, individual manufactured, remote controlled micro-aircraft model.




In the world there is only a few of micro-aircraft with the weight less than 1gram. The each is a work of art.

On the site pages one can find an extensive guide to an unassisted production of subgram micro-aircrafts. And all it is with the informative illustrations of production process of every model’s component. The material is devised at first for the less educated user that doesn’t has an experience of the aircraft modeling and microelectronics. Also many interesting things can find here an experienced aircraft builder.

For the correctness I want say that the unassisted production of the assemblies of future apparatus is very laborious task that demands great concentration and patience. But all of it will have rewarded by the final result.

The appearance of the aircrafts of such class is thanks to breakthrough at once in the several fields of science. Notably: the invention of light and powerful chemical batteries such as Li-Po accumulators.


Also a major contribution was made by the appearance of tiny microcontrollers. For an example: the family of PIC10, that has the minimal weight and only 6 leads two of those are for the power.

Not the least of the factors became an appearance of powerful rare-earth magnets, those are necessary for an effective transformation of the electric energy to the mechanical by the minimal weight.

Not long ago the appearance of an electric aircrafts was almost unreal. The first models of aircraft was heavy and unwieldy. Their power supply was nickel-metal-hybrid (NiMH), and also nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Such batteries have low ration of output to the mass and they are not capable to ensure acceptable flight time. Today it is difficult to surprise somebody using radio-controlled toy with the lithium batteries. More costly models take part in contest of aircraft modellist and have the lead leave behind «mates» with the internal-combustion engine. There are known cases of building of aircraft with electric traction, those can take the air with the man a little more than on one hour!!




To the comparison, - an aircraft with the rocket engine (fuel and oxidant are on the board) can be airborne at an everage 3minutes. On the basis of all what was spoken we can safely declare: An electric aircrafts are the long-term aircraft, and together with an improvement of power supply, at all, take an own niche in the commercial and military aviation.


By this time is being worked out the semiautonomous flying robotic reconnaissance aircraft like pilotless aircrafts and even tiny apparatus with flapping wing.

But we are a little wandering, the site about the tiny «aircraft».


So, on the forum pages is detailed described the production of micro-airplane using carbon fiber and the thinnest film of plastic. The model has the proportional control (the surgeless control of the draw and gas). In spite of the weight of the receiver in the rage 0,05gram! This possible thanks to application of the tiniest and lightest as of today electronic components.

The typical mass of motor with traction airscrew – 0.1gram, the glider with slewing gear – 0,15gram, the more than half of the mass of the model takes power supply – 0,4 – 0,6gram!


Perhaps the battery is the sole limitation of minimally possible weight. Unfortunately the more lighter batteries are not produced. If the beginner aircraft modellist can’t independently make some assembly of micro-model – never mind, every components and also the finished aircraft one can buy in the section «store».